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Maserati GranCabrio Sport – het nieuwe speeltje

28/07/2011 – 15:45 | 2 Comments

Helemaal gestoord word je ervan. Ben je nog niet zo lang geleden verwend met een speeltje als de Maserati GranCabrio convertible, word je vervolgens hebberig gemaakt met de opvolger

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Zo af en toe komen er ook nog wel eens autoboeken uit. En heel misschien horen wij daarvan. Bijzonder nieuws, dat wij je nooit zouden willen onthouden.


Natuurlijk de meest omvattende rubriek bij iCar Auto Nieuws, dat is duidelijk


Er worden natuurlijk ontzettend veel auto-evenementen georganiseerd in Nederland. Een selectie daarvan vind je hier.


Er komen steeds meer klassiekerliefhebbers bij, die passen allemaal in deze rubriek.

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Lexus LFA test on Goodwood

Submitted by on 14/09/2010 – 07:5325 Comments

The V10 from the Lexus LFA is simply fantastic! And that sound! Hi-res via www.abhd.nl


  • suprastar2 schreef:

    @hondacar It depends what you call a match down the motorway the 458 may have the advantage but get to any track where the overall performance is measured the LFA is more than a match for just about every Supercar on the market today.

  • mitsubishi777 schreef:

    Is this Arabian language?

  • Transamstance schreef:

    @T3HNZ0 I tested your mom on good wood

  • SpeedKlz schreef:

    @hondacar Yet, this “Toyota” is more exclusive, more exciting to drive and also sounds 100x better than the Ferrari 458 Italia V8 that sounds like a VTEC engine.

    In SportAuto super tests, LFA with the same driver Horst Von Saurma lapped the LFA in the same time that Ferrari 458 Italia did. Difference was, LFA lapped in extreme summer heat of 30 C and ambient asphalt heat of 43 C while the Ferrari Italia had a huge advantage of early spring cool temperatures of 21 C.

  • asimoVT schreef:

    a peace of art.. love the color too:)

  • hondacar schreef:

    The LFA is just a big fast Toyota!No match for the Italia 458!

  • Kaipeternicolas schreef:

    Double clutch gearbox is boring! Single clutch sequential is much more fun. That’s what people love in the Gallardo, the M5 or the R8.

  • racer450r50 schreef:

    @B1gDaddy001 lol good point!

  • B1gDaddy001 schreef:

    @racer450r50 true, but if you look at it that way, a bugatti is a $1.5 million volkswagen 🙂

  • mr2death schreef:

    this guy sounds fucking hilarious

  • mr2death schreef:

    this guy sounds fucking halarious

  • nguyentuan1990 schreef:

    @05XRS i agree with you the car is beautiful but no v10 sound on earth can compare to the sound of the v10 carrera gt

  • tnizzle916 schreef:

    I gotta say… The rear end looks unique but the front end gotta go… Looks shitty as fuck…

  • kakashi1o schreef:

    So nice….I’d Like mine a different color though.

  • 06C6Z06 schreef:

    @eivis13 It is definitely a sweet sounding ride. 10k+ rpm redline is just SICK!!!

  • eivis13 schreef:

    @06C6Z06 i just meant that the LFA sounds and looks like a supra

  • 06C6Z06 schreef:

    @eivis13 The “Original” Supra was produced in 1978 not 1993. You are referring to the years of the “Last” Supras, Anyway, why did you ask me if I ever “Heard” one? I said the LFA sounded like a BIKE and looked like a Supra.

  • eivis13 schreef:

    @06C6Z06 actually i meant the original supra (93-02)
    BTW when i was sucking my thumb and playing with hot wheels cars u were experiencing puperty ;P

  • mitsubishi777 schreef:

    The sound is the most elegant I’ve ever heard.

  • 06C6Z06 schreef:

    @eivis13 Of course I have. I’ve heard a lot of them. They were produced form 1978-2002. Are you referring to any one in particular?

    If you’re trying to be a wise ass, take it somewhere else kid. I was admiring cars and eating pussy when you where still playing with Hott Wheels and sucking your thumb

  • eivis13 schreef:

    @06C6Z06 have you ever heard a supra???

  • eivis13 schreef:

    +nl is’t germany its nederlands, de is german

  • eivis13 schreef:

    @T3HNZ0 actually the subtitles are from youtube or google

  • nobtube schreef:

    @SpeedKlz First I appreciate you first class level of education and second unfortunately lap records aren’t enough to make a good car. A successful car doesn’t really need to be the fastest. Comfort, Brand, Sound, Design and a lot of other factors determine the success of a model. And as I just said only collectors are buying this car for the exclusivity of owning a limited model.
    Plus Lexus isn’t stupid, if they knew it would sell like Lambos on the long run they wouldn’t stop making it.

  • 05XRS schreef:

    @SpeedKlz Agreed. He is a certified dumba** who is there just to spew sht!

    LFA’s sound alone is worth $300,000 because no other V10 car sounds like an F1 race car.

    LFA has already beaten (and it is start) track lap times of Ferraris, Lambos and R8 around several tracks. For instance, it ran the fastest wet lap time (1:22.8) on TopGear beating Gallardo (with AWD) in the wet by more than 3 seconds. In the dry, it would have been 1:18.8 atleast using TopGear formula of subtracting 4 seconds.

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