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Maserati GranCabrio Sport – het nieuwe speeltje

28/07/2011 – 15:45 | 2 Comments

Helemaal gestoord word je ervan. Ben je nog niet zo lang geleden verwend met een speeltje als de Maserati GranCabrio convertible, word je vervolgens hebberig gemaakt met de opvolger

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Zo af en toe komen er ook nog wel eens autoboeken uit. En heel misschien horen wij daarvan. Bijzonder nieuws, dat wij je nooit zouden willen onthouden.


Natuurlijk de meest omvattende rubriek bij iCar Auto Nieuws, dat is duidelijk


Er worden natuurlijk ontzettend veel auto-evenementen georganiseerd in Nederland. Een selectie daarvan vind je hier.


Er komen steeds meer klassiekerliefhebbers bij, die passen allemaal in deze rubriek.

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Lamborghini Reventon review

Submitted by on 26/08/2010 – 08:0125 Comments

For www.autogespot.com


  • trlalli92 schreef:

    I agree not worth the money, I’d hav the lp-640

  • trlalli92 schreef:

    i agree not worth the money

  • AlfieWilRus schreef:

    @oOoironhideoOo Go for the Reventon Roadster then. It uses the lp640 engine.

  • AlfieWilRus schreef:

    @Magnus1106 You sure you can live up to the age of 1,000?

  • lostinseganet schreef:

    @GRANDLAB I bet it was planted 🙂

  • bomfy schreef:

    Best gauges ever. Someday that will trickle down to us poor folks.

  • MegaRichie10 schreef:

    Imagine it with 1000 Horsepower

  • tranjohn schreef:

    I heard the Reventon has a rear spoiler that comes up with speeds over 80 mph similar to the Veryon but how come i cant see it any video??? Anyone seen it b4???

    “To help with stability at high speeds, a rear spoiler deploys at 80 mph for increased downforce. At speeds of 136 mph or above, the spoiler will change to a higher angle of attack to further enhance grip.”

  • kinjat56 schreef:

    Can i have a test drive of this machine?

  • MegaRichie10 schreef:

    @GRANDLAB No need to Lamborghini LP560-4 already did it a while a go lol

  • TheRebornjason schreef:


  • Predator11563 schreef:

    personally, i like it’s deign way better than the f22

  • 25sportbiker schreef:

    @Maverick1375 lol, true spoken bro

  • oOoironhideoOo schreef:

    the exhaust is just fake shape, is the normal dual exhaust pipe …
    I’d pick the LP640 all the time …

  • MRA08 schreef:

    if i dropped one mil for this car i would fuckin’ live in it.

  • firebolt120 schreef:

    it looks like its made of plastic

  • hotmercedes schreef:

    most were sold in the US. the lambo dealership in huston texas alone sold 5 or 6 of the 20.

  • Maverick1375 schreef:

    Man you know what the insurance policy on owning a car like that must be! How fair is that to someone that accidentally hits this car! You might as well take your keys out the ignition, drop them on the floor and call your wife and say it was nice knowing you honey! Then put one in your own dome! 🙁

  • marijn1423 schreef:

    I’m in love…. yes with the car, before you gayboys start to think different things

  • jessemoore456 schreef:

    What does he mean is it worth it?? He HAD to be being sarcastic.

  • miriamandfamily schreef:

    @kooldog98 …or did they…?

  • CWD3m0nSlay3r schreef:

    your million euros (plus tax)

  • jefferypatajo schreef:

    man looks freakin mean!!! look at that in ur rear view mirror and its says ima eat u!!

  • Fussinated schreef:

    F-22 inspired except the stealth aspect. Without it, how can you enjoy the face of a cop when you pass by him making 170 mph. and knowing that he didn’t read anything on his radar?

  • iamscaringyou schreef:

    a european super car designed from an american fighter jet we must have done something right

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