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Maserati GranCabrio Sport – het nieuwe speeltje

28/07/2011 – 15:45 | 2 Comments

Helemaal gestoord word je ervan. Ben je nog niet zo lang geleden verwend met een speeltje als de Maserati GranCabrio convertible, word je vervolgens hebberig gemaakt met de opvolger

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Zo af en toe komen er ook nog wel eens autoboeken uit. En heel misschien horen wij daarvan. Bijzonder nieuws, dat wij je nooit zouden willen onthouden.


Natuurlijk de meest omvattende rubriek bij iCar Auto Nieuws, dat is duidelijk


Er worden natuurlijk ontzettend veel auto-evenementen georganiseerd in Nederland. Een selectie daarvan vind je hier.


Er komen steeds meer klassiekerliefhebbers bij, die passen allemaal in deze rubriek.

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Ford Mustang (Commercial)

Submitted by on 06/09/2010 – 10:2225 Comments

Commercial for the 2005 Ford Mustang GT. The legend lives.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • The98corvette schreef:

    Corvette and Mustang the only true American Revolutions.

  • fanmusclecars schreef:

    Brings tears to the eyes.

  • BobDingle25 schreef:

    Most of my friends who are Chevy guys still love Mustangs. Shows you how iconic they are.

  • 555eliyah schreef:

    I’m more of a dodge but mustang are okay

  • cenochs schreef:

    I’m generally a Chevy man, but you gotta love a Mustang! especially 1 that revs The Star Spangle Banner…

  • camarospade schreef:

    from your first comment it said “ls1 is an over-hyped piece of shit” that’s bashing the car/engine. which it is a great engine and those people who drop them in miatas and stuff. i think they should stick to 4 banger engines and leave an engine that’s bigger than their car to the big boys.

  • HeavyGhost schreef:

    @camarospade You sound like a Chevy groupie like a that other fag. I’m not talking about a car. I’m talking about the idiots who insist on putting a lame engine in every car. “Oh this engine came out of a Corvette maybe if I put it in my Miata it’ll somehow become a Corvette” Yeah, you do that. Watch a rod bolt snap or hell why not bend/break the rod itself?

  • camarospade schreef:

    @HeavyGhost how is it a cheap piece of crap? you sound like a chevy hater instead of someone who can appreciate a good engine or car.

  • HeavyGhost schreef:

    @camarospade it’s a cheap piece of crap that every nimrod on the face of the planet puts in any piece of crap car they happen to own?

  • camarospade schreef:

    @HeavyGhost hahaha how is the ls1 overhyped?

  • kavithewolf schreef:

    Very Patriotic, I love this!

  • The2001OldsAurora schreef:

    finally! the mustang is faster than the competition

  • fashizze schreef:

    the 2011 mustang gt will have the 5.0 V8 engine with 412 hp

  • spoke2go1 schreef:

    Hell the original Mustang came with a 289 V8 so its not that far off from the original!

  • TheMikeyEl schreef:

    2011 v6s will 305 HP woooooooo!

  • HeavyGhost schreef:

    LS1 is an over-hyped piece of shit. Dumb brain washed Chevy groupie.

  • Planeguy13 schreef:

    AMEN! Us V6 owners know our cars aren’t the fastest, we like our cars because of the design, reliability, safety, and history of the Mustang.

  • BOMustang schreef:

    You Said It!

  • mustang50dominates schreef:

    Why did they quit making them if they are better?

  • tamaninja00 schreef:

    Actually when this commercial was made…they were only putting out 300hp with 320 torque. Now they’re putting out 315hp, and next year we get the Coyote motor which will be 400 naturally aspirated hp 🙂

  • leekenobi21 schreef:

    Whether it’s a ’64 or a ’10, a V6 or a GT, Mustang is the GREATEST CAR EVER!


  • Viper7662 schreef:

    LS1’s are better.

  • fashizze schreef:

    ‘Necroman” your anidiot that doesnt know a damn thing about what makes a muscle car a true muscle car the mustang gt ISA amodern day muscle with 281 cubic engine/4.6 liter V8 and 315 hp 320 torque

  • fordfanitic02 schreef:

    it is

  • 67mustang97 schreef:

    This is for goldflashgly513 It’s called AMERICAN muscle!!! If you don’t like it you can go to hell!!!

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