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Maserati GranCabrio Sport – het nieuwe speeltje

28/07/2011 – 15:45 | 2 Comments

Helemaal gestoord word je ervan. Ben je nog niet zo lang geleden verwend met een speeltje als de Maserati GranCabrio convertible, word je vervolgens hebberig gemaakt met de opvolger

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Zo af en toe komen er ook nog wel eens autoboeken uit. En heel misschien horen wij daarvan. Bijzonder nieuws, dat wij je nooit zouden willen onthouden.


Natuurlijk de meest omvattende rubriek bij iCar Auto Nieuws, dat is duidelijk


Er worden natuurlijk ontzettend veel auto-evenementen georganiseerd in Nederland. Een selectie daarvan vind je hier.


Er komen steeds meer klassiekerliefhebbers bij, die passen allemaal in deze rubriek.

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Ford Fiesta Verve driven

Submitted by on 01/09/2010 – 08:5725 Comments

www.driive.com Ford Fiesta Verve driven
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Lumadar schreef:

    @lejink The prototype was changed first for the European market, and then for the U.S. market. The problem with concept cars is that they often ignore crash test laws with their design, and as no fault of the manufacturer.

    This is especially true as pedestrian crash tests come into effect, requiring a unique front fascia as to minimize damage to pedestrians. You can see the car on Left Lane News dot com

  • lejink schreef:

    @Lumadar curious, did the front look the same on the production car you tried as on this prototype on the video? i really like that front grille styling. would love to see auto companys being a little more daring with their design, doesnt cost more money to have a little more aggressive sporty look.. so tired of having to accept that a commuter car means blending into every other car on the road.

  • ShitDawsonTV schreef:

    but its better looking than the actual version

  • sexykid965 schreef:

    im not a fan of ford at all but that is beautiful… they did a great job!

  • 1ns4ne1d10t schreef:

    @fuzzy5987 My neibour & mate has an Ibiza Cupra PD160, his is remapped at 200hp, its a wild animal for a Turbo Diesel. It would point & laugh its bollocks off at a 2.0 Clio Cup 182 at a set of lights. If you have to buy any hot-hatch make it a remapped Ibiza Cupra PD160. Forget a Clio 182 or a tuned Fiesta ST!!!

  • 1ns4ne1d10t schreef:

    @fuzzy5987 Ford is heavily overrated though, I was driving a 1.6 Focus & 2.0 TDCi Galaxy earlier at work. I can’t honestly see where the huge selling point is after being in them.

  • fuzzy5987 schreef:

    @1ns4ne1d10t I’ve driven more than one car in my life you know, anyway no car is perfect so youve got to way up the positives and negatives with each, Ford ranks well in the car ranking surveys not top but not bottom either. The Ford focus wouldnt be the UKs most popular car for 9 years if it wasn’t doing something right. Anyway a cars a car they are only as good as the people that build them. I was looking to buy a SEAT as well (Cupra Ibiza) to be honest i don’t feel the built quailty is crap.

  • 1ns4ne1d10t schreef:

    @fuzzy5987 Mine might have shitty build quality but at least its got decent stuff on it to excuse it. Thankfully I drive all makes & models so I know whats shit & what isn’t. Someone like you just looks at a car & thinks it looks good, IT IS good! I get to test drive everything myself rather then listen to these road reviews. Ford are shit, vauxhall are shit, Seat overshadows those makes.

  • 1ns4ne1d10t schreef:

    @fuzzy5987 Seat stands for Steals Engines And Turbos. The build quality is shite, my seals fall off the doors frequently. Ford are as bad as that but worse. Save & grace mine has 2 seat height adjusters, tons of reading lights, spring out cupholders, a decent sound system. Fords don’t have any of that to excuse their bad build quality unlike Seat.

  • fuzzy5987 schreef:

    @1ns4ne1d10t And i’ve read you comments on other videos when people attack the car you drive you get all touchy and emotional…..nice one.

  • fuzzy5987 schreef:

    @1ns4ne1d10t Oh by the way Seats are SHITE! See how it feels even though I’ve never even driven one they are rubbish because I said so.

  • fuzzy5987 schreef:

    @1ns4ne1d10t I know cars are not human fool, how the hell can you liken trying to get rid of bloody Fords to the Holocaust that is what I’m saying! I think what you said is a complete insult to those people and totally out of proportion don’t you think? Not even remotely funny. You are the prejudice one here not me. So I see you had a video of your car uploaded so your clearly attached to your car so how can you say it others not to be emotional towards say their own car you hypocrite!!

  • 1ns4ne1d10t schreef:

    @fuzzy5987 My sister owns a Rover 220SDi, people call Rovers shit even if they havn’t driven them. They are fine to drive & they are a good car for what you get. Only I don’t take anything personally when my mates take the piss out of the car or me driving it. I even agree & say Really Obnoxious Vile English Rustbucket. Not like you, get all touchy & emotional about a mass-produced machine.

  • 1ns4ne1d10t schreef:

    @fuzzy5987 You seem to think cars are humans!? You are using strong words like predudice & Anti-Semitic towards a car manufacturer. Car manufacturers are companies who are out to make money, they don’t care what their finished product is. There is no law against the predudice of car manufacturers. Your views & morals are very very odd.

  • fuzzy5987 schreef:

    @1ns4ne1d10t Hang on so you’ve never owned a ford of your own, but that makes you an expert in the ins and outs of Ford ownership, how ridiculous is that, its like me saying i’ve never owned an ipod but they are complete crap just because i said so, and those that think different to me are idiots…wtf. How can you be prejudice against a brand or car maker if you don’t live with the products? Now if you actually owned a Ford i could understand your case.

  • 1ns4ne1d10t schreef:

    @fuzzy5987 How can you be Anti-semitic towards a car? Its not a human. Ive never been stupid enough to own a Ford. Wouldn’t touch one with a 10 foot barge pole. Every Ford Ive had has been a companys piece of crap & not mine to worry about. Only stupid people buy them.

  • fuzzy5987 schreef:

    @1ns4ne1d10t Right so not only are you homophopic your also anti-semitic i don’t know if your actually serious in your views or that you’ve got a really dry sense of humour. I understand that u had a bad experience with Ford, i had the same with Vauxhall, but it wouldn’t stop me buying one. Are you really as old as you say you are?, cause u seem really childish.

  • 1ns4ne1d10t schreef:

    @YourPowerStation Ford Siesta….

  • 1ns4ne1d10t schreef:

    @fuzzy5987 I’m not being homaphobic, if you proudly own this car and you are a bloke. It sends out all the wrong messages. The reason why I hate them is because I work for a car rental firm, I take them to carparks & do burnouts & stunts with them in the hope that it’ll lessen the Fiesta population just like the Nazis reduced the Jew population.

  • fuzzy5987 schreef:

    @1ns4ne1d10t Why are you on like every ford video with your homophonic and anti ford views, i mean if you don’t like the cars then don’t watch videos about them.

  • bigz008 schreef:

    what do they do with these concepts that don’t go into production?

  • olverafam schreef:

    fuck europe

  • dergangedchipmunk schreef:

    pimp rims much ?

  • dinotiago schreef:

    beautiful of all, I want that car in Brazil

  • exfelipe21 schreef:

    Animation in motion graphics ! ford fiesta 2010

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