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Maserati GranCabrio Sport – het nieuwe speeltje

28/07/2011 – 15:45 | 2 Comments

Helemaal gestoord word je ervan. Ben je nog niet zo lang geleden verwend met een speeltje als de Maserati GranCabrio convertible, word je vervolgens hebberig gemaakt met de opvolger

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Zo af en toe komen er ook nog wel eens autoboeken uit. En heel misschien horen wij daarvan. Bijzonder nieuws, dat wij je nooit zouden willen onthouden.


Natuurlijk de meest omvattende rubriek bij iCar Auto Nieuws, dat is duidelijk


Er worden natuurlijk ontzettend veel auto-evenementen georganiseerd in Nederland. Een selectie daarvan vind je hier.


Er komen steeds meer klassiekerliefhebbers bij, die passen allemaal in deze rubriek.

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Audi TTS

Submitted by on 23/08/2010 – 10:4525 Comments

Audi TTS


  • Hacknor schreef:

    pure beauty

  • zacster007 schreef:

    nice ive just bought one that will be handy !

  • Papafuss schreef:

    44yaya44 is right, you’re an idiot 4267m. The TTS with its more advanced block, pistons, rods, head, intake, exhaust, etc. will still have more power even after your chip in the regular TT, plus an altered clutch & quattro system, lowered chassis, etc. And if you feel the need you can chip a TT-S for $600 to produce 325hp, though a stock TTS will already do 0-60 in 4.6 (see, e.g., R&T) so it hardly seems necessary – that’s already crazy fast for the street and you keep your warranty.

  • psionex2320 schreef:

    nice car, but vid is gay as hell; 2 homos riding together in the outback. what? brokeback mountain?

  • r2sleepio schreef:

    I have a one in sprint blue =D

  • s05s050 schreef:

    I have a white one. It’s a nice car.

  • blockprodukt schreef:

    not just the interior, the exterior of the original audi TT was way cooler too. at least not that lame as the new audi TT that looks like any other car else.

  • tintsap schreef:

    i want it

  • 44yaya44 schreef:

    thats bs, im looking into the new tt, i have an a3 stage 2 apr. Now i called the guys at apr, and ive doen my research, tts has 270 hp, where as the apr chip puts a tt at 250 hp so no its not faster.

  • strongmeasures schreef:

    Why did they have to get rid of the old interior? The old interior was way cooler.

  • crbdago schreef:


  • Skito89 schreef:

    commercials doesn´t have to make sense… it simply looks good, the red TTS in the middle of no where…

  • opeewann schreef:

    Who the fuck would take a car like that and power slide it in a dried up lake? …. retarded commercial.

  • CamNUFC schreef:

    I have a TTs quattro and what can i say its amazing i also have my name down for a TTRS but im not to sure about it. besides the TTRS can not be much quicker as they will not make it quicker than the R8 (V8 version) and that is just over half a sec quicker than the TTs

  • canonatw schreef:

    Shut up. No one wants to hear from you, loser.

  • MarcusFenix1974 schreef:

    2 fags out for a ride

  • 4267m schreef:

    I have recently upgraded my audi tt with a apr chip, with brilliant results. This has outrun the tts for just under $2k.

  • Namko7 schreef:

    after this theres going to be a TTRS cant wait for that

  • masonsoiza schreef:

    weve got one untill the gtr comes stop gap car in phantom black

  • Gujic1 schreef:

    thoe two guys just looked gay period. the ony straight thing in the commercial was the car

  • 637193471 schreef:

    vaya cochaso el mejor dentro de 1 mes me biene k ganas tengo

  • docdaveb schreef:

    Just ordered one of these!! Fantastic car- over 6 month waiting list- lucky to get one before 2009. Should hold 2/3s of value after 3 years.

  • mayweatherrulz schreef:

    its just amazing 0-62 in 5.2 seconds and it looks great the only downsie is its basically an S3 but as a coupe but still an amazing car

  • Kozarcan86 schreef:

    Your mama is gay!!

  • AntNluce schreef:

    Hi, I’ve heard that they do hold their value very well. Such a cool car though!

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